Maternity Care Questions


  • Do you provide full continuity of maternity care? Will other carers be involved, and if so, who are they?
  • Do you plan to take leave or go on holiday during my pregnancy or in the month or months before and after my baby is due?
  • Who will provide my backup care if you are away or with someone else when I go into labour? Will I be able to meet the backup carer?
  • Do you provide care in a hospital, maternity unit, birthing unit, and home birth?
  • Where will I see you for my antenatal visits – will you visit me in my home or will I need to come into a clinic?
  • How many visits during my pregnancy can I expect to have and how often will these occur?
  • Do you provide home visits during early labour?
  • What happens if I need specialist care during my pregnancy or my labour? If this happens, will you continue to provide my care?
  • Who will be caring for me after birth – in hospital and when I go home?
  • If I or my baby needs to stay in hospital after birth, what will your role be?
  • Postnatally, how many visits can I expect, both in hospital and at home?
  • How many weeks postnatal will you care for me once the baby is born?
  • Between visits, are you available for me to call or text you for advice?
  • What is your pregnancy and childbirth philosophy?
  • How many births a year do you attend?
  • How many birthing people do you book each month?
  • How many birthing people have you got booked who are due around the same time as me?
  • How might my appointments, birth, and postnatal visits change with the various COVID-19 alert levels?


  • If I have to pay – what will I have to pay for, how much will it be and when will I need to pay?

  • Who will provide my care during labour and birth?

  • If a midwife will be taking care of me during my labour and birth, can I meet them beforehand?

  • Who will be looking after me for my postnatal care when I go home with my baby?