Meet our Soteria Team

Tracey Warren, Founder

Māmā of three: Emilie (15), Xavier (13), Tyler (11)

Describe your pregnancies and births in five words.

Surprise, wonderful, mine, fast, natural.

What pregnancy symptoms did you experience?

Hyperemesis gravidarum, but it was less severe with each pregnancy. Thank you, acupuncture!

Skye Ross, Editor

Māmā of one: Albertine (2)

What advice would you go back and give your new-mum-self?

Surrender. Your baby will tell you what she needs, you just need to choose to listen, even if her wants don’t line up with what you think she ‘should’ be doing. Oh, and you can’t create bad habits with a baby – soak up all the cuddles and know it’s more than okay to soothe her with breastfeeding.

Renée Sterne, Creative Director

Māmā of two: Summer (9) and Haven (6)

What has been your favourite age/stage to date?

I’ve enjoyed each stage so far for different reasons. I have such fond memories of when the girls were babies and toddlers – I loved that time. But I also love how they are able to interact and communicate with me as older children now. For me, every stage has progressively got more fun!

Jane Pratley, Sales Director

Māmā of four: Sarah (14), Blake (9) and two miscarriages

What is the part you love the most about being a mum?

Raising them into great people of the world. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to influence them for the best and shower them in unconditional love. I have been a solo mum since they were one and six, so seven years now!