6 Tips and Tricks for Making Nappy Changes Easier

PHOTOGRAPHY Kirsty Stone @thesearethegoldendays
  • Make sure the surface you are changing your baby’s nappy on is safe, stable and won’t collapse.
  • If you have them on a change table, get everything you need beforehand as you must keep one hand on them at all times… especially as they grow older and wrigglier!
  • When changing a male baby’s nappy, it pays to be prepared with a small cloth or another nappy to cover the penis so you don’t get peed on. Make sure the penis is pointing downwards when you put a fresh nappy on too. If your baby is uncircumcised, you do not need to pull back the foreskin to clean it.
  • When changing a female baby’s nappy, wipe from front to back to avoid any bacteria getting into the vagina. Make sure you clean the labia as well.
  • Don’t forget to check all the creases and folds of your baby’s legs and genitals when wiping them down.
  • A tip for dealing with a poo explosion is to remove your baby’s clothes down their body and away from their face so you don’t spread it any further. With any luck, you’ll have them in a onesie with envelope shoulders which is designed exactly for this scenario!
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly after changing your baby’s nappy to prevent both of you from getting sick.

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