Trending Baby-Related Products to Add to Your Wishlist in 2022

Our list of the #trending products that are expected to be super popular for pregnancy, babies, and postpartum māmā this year.


Chances are you’ve already gone through our checklist of essentials you’ll need for when your little bundle arrives (if you haven’t seen it yet, you can read it here). It’s true that our list is one of the more refined ones available as we believe that less is more; babies don’t actually need that much and they certainly don’t know what’s ‘cool’ or not. But, as always, there are some trending products that seem to be more popular than the rest.

Call them extra, call them a nice-to-have, call them Instagram-worthy… either way, here’s our round up of the products you can expect to see more of on your social media feeds and at your coffee group catch ups this year.

Will you be adding any to your wishlist?

Trending Baby Product: Bunnie Caddie
Bunnie Caddie Nappy Organiser, $159, from Mom Store.

Gone are the days of sussing your own nappy changing storage solution, this all-in-one is the ultimate organiser. Fill it with everything from nappies and wipes to breastfeeding snacks and spare changes of clothes to keep your essentials neat, contained and within easy reach. Better yet, it’s super easy to transport around the house.

Trending Pregnancy Product: Pure Mama Belly Oil
Pure Mama Belly Oil, $65.

Formulated using high-quality, all natural and organic ingredients, this best-selling belly oil helps boost skin elasticity to prevent stretch marks and is designed to gently nourish your skin as your belly and body grows. Think of it as self-love in a bottle.

Trending Baby Product: Chekoh Clip Carrier
Chekoh Clip Carrier, $169.95 AUD (approx. $180 NZD).

The ever popular baby-wearing brand, Chekoh has just launched their first structured carrier and it’s set to be a sell-out. The comfortable bamboo and linen fabric carrier, dubbed the Clip, comes in an array of colours and patterns so it looks the part and does the job (from 5kgs up to 15kgs) too.

Trending product: Lactation Station Breast Pump
The Lactation Station Boobie Pump, price TBC.

So this product hasn’t actually launched yet but all bets are on The Lactation Station’s first ever breast pump being a best-seller when it does. It’s promised to be hands-free, cordless, rechargeable, and super convenient given you only need to pop it in your bra to collect your milk. Did someone say ‘game changer’?

Trending product: Bellama Wearable Breast Pump
Bellema Wearable Electric Breast Pump, $199.95.

That’s right: There’s not one but two wearable breast pumps hitting the market in 2022! Created by the best selling Bellema brand, their brand new wearable pump is almost here and it’s due to arrive in April. Pre-orders are currently open for this portable and compact hands-free pump which will make pumping possible anytime, anywhere.

Trending Baby Product: Charlie Crane
Charlie Crane Levo Rocker, $389, from Whisper & Wild.

Luxury meets practicality in this beautiful baby rocker by Paris-based brand, Charlie Crane. Yes, this is likely something you’ve seen all over Instagram with its aesthetically pleasing beech finish and organic white cushion. It’s hardly an eyesore… although the price may be a little eyewatering. Save this to your nice-to-have list, perhaps?

Trending Baby Product: Hushh White Noise Machine
Yogasleep Hushh Continuous White Noise Machine, $79.95, from The Sleep Store.

It’s not a new product but it sure is popular. This portable white noise machine offers continuous play, meaning no need to reset it at the end of the loop and less chance of your baby waking too soon. In fact, this compact unit is said to run for approximately 12 hours continuously from full charge making it an ideal travel companion.

Trending Baby Product: Snuzpod
SnüzPod4, $549, from Edwards & Co.

Another trending product is the infamous SnüzPod4, a bedside crib that allows you to keep your baby close for easy soothing and settling. It can be used as both a bassinet and a cosleeper – no wonder it’s so well loved.

Trending Baby Product: Mombella Teether
Mombella Teether, $10, from Baby On The Move.

Affordable, adorable and perfectly designed, this really is the ultimate teether. The handle is easy for your baby to grip on to (less dropping = less washing) and your little one will love sucking and chewing on it to relieve their sore gums. When we say it’s trending, we mean you’ll see it everywhere.

Trending Product: Bugaboo Stardust Portable Cot
Bugaboo Stardust Portable Cot, $499, from Global Baby.

A trending product that is yet to hit our shores but is available on pre-order for mid-February, this portable cot from Bugaboo has taken the baby world by storm with its promise of a 1-second unfold. Yes, you read that right; just one second! The all-in-one design has been created with the travelling family in mind, making nights away that much easier with how easy it is for parents to use and transport, and how comfortable it is for your pēpi to sleep in.

Trending Baby Product: Shnuggle Bath Thermometer
Shnuggle Pebbly Bath Thermometer, $39.99, from Dimples.

Worry less about your baby’s bath temperature with this handy water thermometer. It lights up with a heart to let you know when the water feels just right and also gives you an indication if it’s too hot or too cold so you can adjust accordingly. Do keep in mind that this product is designed to be a guide so it’s safest to always double check the water with your elbow or wrist first, before bathing your baby.

Trending Baby Product: Sweet Love Thermal Bag
Sweet Love Multi-Use Thermal Bag, $59.99.

This is one of those products you didn’t know you needed until it came along – a dedicated thermal bag that keeps contents warmer or cooler for longer. Use it for breast milk, bottles, lunches, snacks and more, simply attaching it to your pram or bag when you’re on the go. It holds two large bottles and has an inner mesh pocket for extra storage.

Trending Product: Videris Maternity Bra
Videris Belle Maternity Bra, $120.

New Zealand-based lingerie brand Videris is loved for their thoughtful designs and use of sustainable materials. If you already adore their main line, you’ll be pleased to know they have a maternity bra that ticks all the boxes. Soft, comfortable, supportive and, in true Videris fashion, it’s absolutely beautiful. The Belle maternity bra also comes in black.