Pregnancy Health: Smoking

When you smoke you can cause harm to your baby. Quit for your baby.

Smoking cigarettes during pregnancy can harm your baby’s health as the poisons from smoking reach your baby through the placenta.

If you smoke when pregnant you put your baby at increased risk of:

  • Being born at a dangerously low birth weight.
  • Being born prematurely.
  • Having reduced oxygen, leading to further health and development issues.
  • Health problems like pneumonia, asthma, leukemia, and glue ear.
  • Dying of SUDI (sudden unexplained death in infancy or cot death).

It’s never too late to quit smoking for your baby. Quitting now will make your baby healthier and it also means you’re likely to live a longer, healthier life as a māmā. You’ll save heaps of money too.

To keep you and your baby safe, your whānau, whare (home), and waka (car) should be smokefree as well.

Quitline offers free support especially for pregnant people and can help you make your home smokefree. Call 0800 778 778 for help.