Breastfeeding as Contraception

For some people, breastfeeding can be a form of contraception in the first six months – this method is called lactational amenorrhoea method (LAM).


LAM can be up to 98% effective in preventing pregnancy when this contraception method is practiced correctly. Provided you can answer ‘no’ to all of the following questions, you may be eligible for LAM:

  • Is your baby older than six months of age?
  • Have you had a menstrual bleed? This is defined as any bleeding on any two consecutive days, from two months after the birth.
  • Are you giving your baby regular supplementary foods or foods or fluids in addition to breast milk?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, you should use an alternative form of contraception if you wish to prevent pregnancy.

If you’re not sure about whether this method of contraception is suitable or applicable to you, consult your GP or LMC for further advice on how LAM works.