Newborn Baby Poos and Wees: What’s Normal?

Understanding your baby’s poo and wees can help make sure they’re healthy and feeding well.


Every baby’s ‘normal’ is different but you’ll soon learn what’s typical for your pēpi in terms of look and frequency.



Your baby’s first poo is a greenish-black substance called meconium which is made up of everything they ingested while they were still inside the womb. It is quite tar-like in colour and consistency – thick and sticky! After a few days, it will transition to a greenish-yellow, then a brownish-green, before becoming the typical mustard yellow breastfeeding poo.

Breastfed babies usually poo at least once a day for the first four weeks but it can also be more often. After this time, your pēpi may poo after every feed. From six weeks, it is also normal for them to go a number of days without passing a bowel motion, sometimes up to 7-10 days.

A healthy breastfed baby’s poo may look:

  • Mustard yellow
  • Soft
  • Watery in consistency
  • Seedy
  • Runny with small lumps



In the first four days after birth, your baby’s wees may appear slightly pink/orange which is a material called urates being excreted. If it lasts longer than four days, you should talk to your doctor, midwife or nurse as after that time it can be a sign of dehydration.

Following this, your baby’s wees should be pale in colour and not have a very strong smell. By the time your milk comes in, your baby should be having at least six to eight wet nappies every 24 hours – this is a good sign that your pēpi is getting plenty of breast milk.



Let’s take a look at the typical number of motions you can expect from your baby in the first five days after birth. This is a good indication that they are getting enough milk and their body is functioning normally. Remember, this is just a guide and there can be a wide variation in what’s normal and healthy with each baby. Always seek medical advice if you have concerns or questions.

  • Day one – at least one wet nappy and one greenish-black poo.
  • Day two – at least two wet nappies and one greenish-black poo.
  • Day three – at least three wet nappies and one brownish-green poo.
  • Day four – at least four wet nappies and one greenish-yellow poo.
  • Day five – at least five wet nappies and one mustard yellow poo.

If you’re ever concerned about your baby’s urination or bowel motions, consult your LMC, GP or another healthcare professional.