Your Pregnancy: Week 9

By week 9 of pregnancy, your baby is the size of a grape

Your pēpi is the size of a grape.

By week 9, from head to bottom, your baby is around 1.7cm long (approximately the size of a grape) and weighs 2 grams. Their face is becoming more defined with eyelids but these won’t open until around 26 weeks. They also have a top lip, mouth, and tongue. Your baby’s elbows are developed and its nose can be seen in profile. The intestines continue to grow, the anus is forming, and the shape of your baby’s genitals are already well defined.

Have you noticed that your areolas (the pigmented area around the nipple) are starting to darken and become larger? Some healthcare professionals believe this is so your baby can easily find the nipple for breastfeeding after birth.

By this point in the first trimester, your blood volume has increased significantly to reach the placenta/whenua and it will continue to increase throughout your pregnancy. Some people experience dizziness or feel extra hot while pregnant, so be sure to rest when you need to.

You may be offered an ultrasound dating scan to confirm your estimated due date in the first 14 weeks.