Your Pregnancy: Week 37

Mum cradles her pregnant bump

By week 37 of pregnancy, your baby is ready to breathe.

During week 37, your baby is still gaining weight as fat is being deposited all over their body. They’re looking like a plump newborn now! Their lungs are practically matured now and will be ready to breathe air.

As your belly stretches even more, you may notice new stretch marks. They can show up on your thighs, breasts, and hips too. Braxton Hicks might start occurring more frequently – you’re probably hoping it’s a sign of imminent labour but your baby is likely to keep you waiting a little longer.

You’re certainly nowhere near being overdue yet, but it can be beneficial to read up on what happens if you do go past your estimated due date, how to encourage labour to start, and what to expect from an induction if that is offered to you by your LMC.