What Happens When You Go Overdue

Did you think your baby would be here by now? Your due date may come and go but it is just an estimate.

Are you overdue and over it? That’s completely understandable! But we promise you won’t be hapū forever… even though it might feel like it. Here is some helpful information for what you can expect when you go past your estimated due date.

Induction of labour

Once you are past 41 weeks of pregnancy, your LMC will discuss the possibility of induction with you. If you would like to wait a little longer to see if you go into labour naturally, they will ask you to have an ultrasound scan and additional monitoring to check up on your baby’s wellbeing. Check out our DIY Induction article for natural induction methods you may like to try.


Stretch and sweep

A ‘stretch and sweep’ is performed during a vaginal examination, where the midwife will stretch the opening of your cervix and sweep between the cervix and the membranes (amniotic sac) to encourage your body to stimulate the start of labour. This may be offered to you from 38-40 weeks of pregnancy, depending on your LMC’s philosophy, and can be repeated. A stretch and sweep procedure decreases your chances of going past 42 weeks.