Your Pregnancy: Week 35

Couple pregnancy shoot in third trimester

Your baby’s lungs are nearly fully developed by week 35 of pregnancy.

Your baby continues to gain weight steadily as they prepare for being a newborn on the outside – from this week, they will gain on average between 226-340 grams each week until birth.

If born now, your baby will likely survive without extensive medical treatment. Even though their lungs are nearly fully developed they may still need help with breathing. They also often need assistance with feeding if born this early as the baby’s sucking reflex doesn’t develop until closer to 38 weeks’ gestation. If you’re worried about your baby needing to go to NICU or SCBU, we explain what to expect here. It’s also a good idea to prepare yourself for what to expect in terms of your baby’s appearance and general health immediately after birth.

In terms of how you’re feeling by week 35, sleep is disrupted for many people. It may cause you some irritation but trouble sleeping due to frequent bathroom visits, aches and pains, and general pregnancy discomforts are very common around now.