Your Pregnancy: Week 28

Woman cradles pregnant belly in third trimester

Welcome to the third trimester!

By week 28, your baby is over 1kg and is now over two-thirds of the way to their birth height, measuring in at 38cm. At this stage, their hair is still growing, and the brain, lungs, and digestive tract continue to develop. The skin that was translucent in appearance is now opaque.

Now that you’re in the third trimester, you’re likely feeling bigger and some women get swollen feet and ankles – when you get the chance, put your feet up! If the swelling comes on suddenly and severely, it’s important to let your LMC know right away.

It’s also important to be aware of your baby’s daily movements from now. What were once soft movements may start to feel like jabs, punches, and proper kicks. HealthInfo has some helpful advice on how much your baby should move and how often – have a read hereIf you notice reduced strength or frequency of fetal movements, you should let your LMC know immediately.