What’s Normal for C-Section Scarring

PĒPI Luca Ardern
ĀMĀ Teri Ardern
PHOTOGRAPHY Catherine Smith @catherinesmithphotography

Most people who have had a C-section birth have no complications with their scar post-op.

For most people who have had a caesarean birth, their scar is usually quite small, sits just below their bikini line and, in time, fades to be barely noticeable.

Occasionally, however, there can be complications for a small number of people with their scar, including:

  • Pain, sensitivity or numbness at or around the area of the scar
  • Reduced mobility or elasticity
  • Tugging or pulling sensation when reaching or standing up straight
  • Nerve irritation around the area of the scar
  • Keloid scar (lumps of scar tissue around the incision)
  • Hypertrophic scar (scar tissue that is raised or thicker than usual)

If you’re experiencing discomfort or have noticed a defect with your C-section scar, there are a range of treatment options available to you. A pelvic health physiotherapist can help with C-section scarring, scar reduction patches may be beneficial, and there are also topical treatments that your GP can prescribe.