8 Helpful Positions for Labour and Birth

There are natural pain management options like water immersion and hypnobirthing, and drugs like an epidural and opioids for coping with contractions, but another integral element to handling the intensity of labour and birth is body positioning.

What works for one birthing person might not work for another. But by having a range of options up your sleeve, you can try many of them out to find one that provides you with the most relief. Changing positions during labour and mobilising (moving) your body is also known for assisting the progression of labour.

Here are some common positions for labour and birth that you may choose to use:

Standing or walking
Rocking, bouncing or swaying on an exercise ball
Leaning on an exercise ball
Sitting backward on a chair
Leaning over the edge of the bed
On hands and knees
Lying on your side