The Top Baby Names in Aotearoa – New Zealand for 2021

The List of Top Baby Names in Aotearoa - New Zealand for 2021

If you’re still searching for a moniker for your pēpi, one of these popular baby names from 2021 may provide some inspiration.


The country’s top baby names for 2021 have been released by Te Tari Taiwhenua, The Department of Internal Affairs and taking the number one spot for baby girl names, after sitting at second place for two years, was Charlotte. Coming in at second and third last year were Isla and Amelia, respectively.


For boys, the most popular name was Oliver, followed by Noah and Jack. Last year also saw a new addition to the boys’ top 10 with Theodore climbing up the ranks to reach eighth position.

Te Tari Taiwhenua, The Department of Internal Affairs has also shared the top Māori baby names with Mia taking the top spot for kōtiro (girls) and Nikau for tama (boys).

In 2021, 56,013 births were registered in Aotearoa – New Zealand and, of those, 16,790 different first names were used to name babies. Every birth in New Zealand is required to be registered by law, usually within two months of a baby being born – it’s free to register your baby but it will cost to receive a birth certificate.

Without further adieu, here are the top 10 baby names for 2021:


Tama – boy

1. Oliver
2. Noah
3. Jack
4. Leo
5. George
6. Charlie
7. Lucas
8. Theodore
9. William
10. Luca


Kōtiro – girl

1. Charlotte
2. Isla
3. Amelia
4. Olivia
5. Ava
6. Willow
7. Lily
8. Isabella
9. Mila
10. Ella



Tama – boy

1. Nikau
2. Ari
3. Niko
4. Koa
5. Mateo
6. Keanu
7. Mikaere
8. Manaia
9. Kairo
10. Kiwa


Kōtiro – girl

1. Mia
2. Aria
3. Maia
4. Aurora
5. Amaia
6. Kiara
7. Kaia
8. Amara
9. Kora
10. Maria

The Department of Internal Affairs has also released the list of declined names for babies in 2021. Amongst the 78 that were rejected were Saint, King, Prince, and Royalty. See the full list of declined baby names here.

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