Financial Help & Benefits for Parents in New Zealand

Raising a child can be expensive, but there is support available to you to help you look after your child.


Depending on your individual circumstances, you may be eligible for financial support from the New Zealand government to help you raise your children. Here are some resources for assistance with money, including benefits and advice from organisations:

  • Working for Families tax credits are payments for families with dependent children aged 18 and under, to help you raise your family. Entitlements depend on how much your yearly family income is and your family circumstances. Visit to see if you qualify for Working for Families.
  • Every family in New Zealand is eligible for a Best Start payment of $60 per week in their child’s first year and, depending on family income, some people may be eligible until their child is three years old. Visit for more information.
  • MoneyTalks is a free, confidential financial helpline to provide advice and support from trained financial mentors to individuals, families and whānau. Call 0800 345 123 or visit
  • MoneyMates is a peer support group service for those who want to learn more about money and finances, and gain control over their financial lives. Visit to find a MoneyMates support group in your area.
  • Use the free budgeting tool at to make a plan for your money.