How to Swaddle a Newborn Baby

Swaddling can help reduce crying and encourage your little one to sleep better. The Sleep Store shares how to do it.


Swaddling is a technique used for newborns which can help them feel more secure. A firm (not tight) full-body swaddle is fine for a baby less than six weeks old. Then you should transition to arms-free. Once they can roll from back to front, they must be unswaddled completely. When choosing to swaddle, pick a wrap that is soft, stretchy and big enough (at least 1m x 1m for a newborn) to follow these instructions.


Lie the wrap diagonally and fold the top corner down. Lie baby across the top edge so shoulders are just below the fold line.


Fold the left side of the wrap downwards and across the baby, tucking firmly behind their back. Ensure their arm is straight down by their side inside the wrap. Pull the wrap snug around behind the neck, by pulling the wrap on the right hand side.


Fold the bottom corner of the wrap up and tuck in well down behind the unfolded shoulder (inside the wrap). Ensure there is plenty of room for baby’s legs to relax in the open froggy leg position.


Ensure the second arm is straight by the baby’s side. Fold the right-hand corner of the wrap down over the shoulder to the middle of the chest. This should make a firm v-neck on the chest with the first shoulder.


Ensure both arms are still by the baby’s sides. Hold the v-neck firm with your left hand, while wrapping the rest of the wrap across and upwards over the left arm, and round behind the baby. Tuck the end of the wrap into the chest.

Check their legs and hips have lots of wriggle room and can also stretch out fully.

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