The Best White Noise Machines for Babies

Our list of the ones that parents seem to love the most.


You’re either a white noise lover or not, right? Some people swear by this tool for aiding their baby’s sleep (and even their own) while others don’t believe in the benefits or dislike the sound so opt not to use it; it’s very much each to their own.

The idea is that it masks environmental noises that may otherwise disturb someone’s sleep, hopefully helping your little one to get to sleep and stay asleep for longer. Some people also claim that it helps the brain to relax by quite literally distracting it with sound.

Wherever you sit with white noise, chances are if you’re reading this that you’re in the market for a new machine and whether you’re looking for a portable one, something stationary for the nursery, or an all-in-one baby monitor, you’ve come to the right place.

YogaSleep Hushh Portable White Noise Machine
YogaSleep Hushh Continuous White Noise Machine, $79.95, from The Sleep Store.

There’s a reason this portable white noise machine is The Sleep Store’s best-seller. Offering three sounds options and up to 12 hours of continuous play on battery power, the Hushh will help your baby fall asleep – and stay asleep – anytime, anywhere. Just a note that this model is not designed to be used continuously plugged in, as doing so may damage the rechargeable battery.

VTech Monkey Soother
VTech Monkey Soother, $45, from Kmart.

If you’re on a budget, this affordable option from VTech is a great choice. Boasting countless five-star reviews, it provides five soothing sounds and five lullabies, plus a soft night light which can be turned on and off as needed. The hook is also handy for travel.

YogaSleep Nod White Noise Machine
YogaSleep Nod Sound Machine and Nightlight, $69.95, from The Sleep Store.

The ultimate in stationary white noise machines, this model features 20 (yes, really) sound options, including white noise, classic lullaby tracks, nature sounds, and a soothing shush which is perfect for newborn babies. You can run it all night long or set it to a timer for 45 minutes, 90 minutes, or 8 hours. Plus, it has a dimmable light which is handy for feeds in the middle of the night.

VTech BM3800 Baby Monitor
VTech BM3800 Full Colour Pan & Tilt Video Baby Monitor, $249, from The Warehouse.

If you’re after an all-in-one baby monitor that has a white noise feature as well, look no further than this popular model from VTech. The thing we love most about is that when you have the parent monitor on you can set it up to only active the sounds of your baby waking, meaning you don’t have to listen to the white noise from your end when it’s playing.