Constipation in Your Baby: How to Tell If They Are Constipated and What To Do

What’s normal and what’s not when it comes to poo.


It’s normal for babies to grunt, squirm and strain when they poo. It’s also common for them to pass a bowel motion every day or every 7-10 days (from six weeks) if they’re breastfed. Doing any of these things doesn’t necessarily mean they’re constipated. Provided your baby’s poo is soft, they aren’t constipated. But if it is hard, dry or pebble-sized, it’s likely that they are.

If you think your pēpi is constipated, keep breastfeeding them. You can try giving them a warm, relaxing bath and a gentle baby massage if you like. If the constipation continues, take your baby to an appointment with your GP.

If you notice that your baby’s poo is white or cream colour, or has blood in it, talk to your LMC or GP.

If you’re ever concerned about your baby’s urination or bowel motions, consult your LMC, GP or another healthcare professional.