10 Non ‘Maternity’ Dresses You’ll Love Wearing Whilst Pregnant

For when you want something that you can wear after baby’s born too.


While there are some great pregnancy clothing options nowadays, many pregnant people prefer to buy clothes that aren’t strictly ‘maternity’. Perhaps they’re just not your style or you want something that will not only see you through your hapūtanga but post-baby too. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

When it comes to buying non maternity dresses for pregnancy, we do have a few tips:

  • Once you’ve ‘popped’, embrace the bump. Wearing clothing that shows off your baby belly is often more flattering than styles that try to hide it.
  • Find pieces that cinch in just below the bust so if the skirt is more flowy, you’ll be able to draw attention to your beautiful, feminine figure.
  • Choose designs that are have some give, like shirring, knitting, or adjustable ties.
  • If you’re early on in your pregnancy, consider how the garment can be worn through the seasons. Given you’re pregnant for nine months, you’ll want it to last through a couple of temperature changes – can you add a chunky knit overtop in winter perhaps?
  • Think about your bust and the type of bra you’ll need to wear with the dress, especially if you need to go strapless and underwire bras aren’t recommended for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Anyway, here are 10 non maternity dresses we’re loving right now which are perfect for a growing bump and beyond. Happy shopping!

Caitlin Crisp Marsden dress
Glassons Off Shoulder Knit Dress
Cotton On Shirred dress
Zara Midi Dress
Aere Knit Dress
The Warehouse
Dissh Knit Dress
Araminta James from Superette