Your Pregnancy: Week 19

Photo of pregnant woman resting hands on belly

Your pēpi has eyelashes now!

By week 19, your baby is now weighing around 240 grams and measuring in at 15cm. The lanugo (fine hair) that started growing on your baby’s head at 14 weeks is now appearing all over their body. They have eyelashes now too!

Right now, the brain is rapidly developing millions of neurons so you might see your baby sucking their thumb during your next ultrasound scan – this is a conscious muscle movement from all their incredible brain development.

Did you know your breasts are already starting to prepare the baby’s first form of milk for nursing when they are born? This golden yellow substance is called colostrum – you may hear it referred to as ‘liquid gold’. Some people may leak during pregnancy, especially towards the end – if that’s the case for you, you can purchase disposable or washable breast pads, like these ones from Just’nCase, to put in your bra in order to protect your clothes.

Have you looked into antenatal classes? The second trimester is the best time to book as they can fill up fast.