Your Pregnancy: Week 17

Your baby is the same size as a pear by week 17

Your pēpi is the size of a pear!

Your little one has grown by another centimetre this week. At week 17, they are measuring in at around 12cm and weighing approximately 140 grams. It is now around the size of a pear. To prepare for joining the outside world, your baby is currently developing brown fat deposits under the skin to maintain their body temperature after birth. As your baby continues to grow through pregnancy – especially during the third trimester – he or she will gain even more weight to ensure their warmth and protection as a newborn.

Baby is practicing grasping by occasionally grabbing onto their umbilical cord. They are also inhaling now but, instead of taking in air like us, they’re inhaling amniotic fluid.

Have you noticed that your ‘bump’ is looking more prominent around now? By this point in the second trimester, your uterus has now moved up even higher, sitting around halfway between your pubic bone and your belly button. The placenta/whenua is more than 2.5cm thick now and working diligently to provide your baby with all the oxygen and nutrients they need to grow bigger and stronger.

Due to increases in blood volume and changes in vascular tone, some people experience headaches in pregnancy. Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. See Taking Medication in Pregnancy for more information on taking common medications such as paracetamol and ibuprofen while pregnant.