Your Pregnancy: Week 12

Illustration of baby at week 12 of pregnancy

Your pēpi is the size of a plum.

By week 12, all of your baby’s organs, muscles, limbs, and bones are fully formed, even the vocal cords. They are practicing swallowing by ingesting the amniotic fluid which is passing through the kidneys into urine. They may also be sucking his thumb. How cute!

The placenta/whenua has taken over from the yolk sac, acting as your baby’s lungs. Through the umbilical cord, the placenta/whenua provides oxygen, glucose, and vitamins to your baby and removes carbon dioxide and waste from their blood.

Have people been commenting on your pregnancy glow? Some people attribute this to the increase in blood flow and pregnancy hormones. For many pregnant people, feelings of tiredness and nausea are beginning to subside. 

You might be able to feel the top of your uterus, just above your pubic bone, as it continues to grow and starts rising out of your pelvis.

Many people choose to share the news of the pregnancy from week 12 as the risk of miscarriage is reduced.