How to Breastfeed

A step-by-step how to.

Feed your baby in any position that feels comfortable. You may find it best to sit upright with your back straight and well supported but there are many positions that you can breastfeed in.

The baby should be fully turned to face you – they should be tummy to tummy with you.
Bring the baby in nice and close, supporting their neck.
The baby’s head tilts back.
Wait for a wide open mouth. The baby’s lower lip/chin touches the breast first and their nose lines up with your nipple.
Bring the baby onto the breast with their bottom jaw moving onto the breast first and the bottom lip flanged out to take a large mouthful of breast.


If the latch is uncomfortable, painful or feels like a pinching, unlatch baby by putting your pinky finger in the side of their mouth to break the suction and try again.




Listen for swallowing.