Your Pregnancy: Week 7

By week 7 of pregnancy, your baby is the size of a blueberry

Your pēpi is the size of a blueberry.

Your baby is measuring around 8mm (the size of a blueberry) this week and is starting to move but they are still so little you won’t feel kicks yet. Their heart is tiny but mighty, beating rapidly at 150 beats per minute (that’s almost double an adult’s resting heart rate) and has formed two chambers.

By week 7, baby’s face is becoming more defined with its mouth, nostrils, ears, and eyes. The digestive system and lungs are still forming and there are now hands at the end of the baby’s arms. The genital tubercle has developed but isn’t visible yet – this is the tissue that will become your baby’s reproductive system. If you do want to find out your baby’s sex, you may be able to find out at the anatomy scan but some pregnant people find out at an earlier ultrasound.

There’s lots going on in your body, much of which you won’t notice, like the increase of blood as the baby’s placenta/whenua is now using 25% of your blood. The cervical mucus plug is also formed to seal the opening of your cervix, acting as a barrier from bacteria entering the uterus and protecting the baby. This will remain in place until your body is ready to go into labour.

Chances are you are likely to be feeling the effects of the elevated hormone levels that come with pregnancy, such as feeling tearful, experiencing emotional ups and downs, noticing acne on your face, chest or back, and having heavier breasts.

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