Your First Postpartum Poo: Advice for Bladder and Bowel Motions After Birth

If you’ve had a vaginal birth and are scared to do your first postpartum poo, we promise you’re not alone.

Maybe you’re worried because last time you pushed you birthed a baby! You might have some stitches or haemorrhoids, so there’s that too. But you need not be fearful, it will happen when your body is ready and you’ll feel much, much better afterwards.

It may take a few days to have your first bowel movement, so in the meantime keep up your fluids and fibre intake. When it comes time to go, don’t hold it in – go with the flow and refrain from straining. It may feel uncomfortable, so take deep breaths and apply counterpressure to your perineum with a pad if that helps. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be.

If you do find passing bowel motions painful or if you’re suffering from constipation, you should let your LMC know or visit your GP for an appointment.