How to Hold and Handle Your Newborn Baby

PĒPI Sophie
ĀMĀ Lauren Sulllivan
PHOTOGRAPHY Catherine Smith @catherinesmithphotography

Babies are delicate but you’ll soon be handling your baby with confidence, even if it does feel a bit scary at first.

The head is the heaviest part of your baby’s little body but their neck isn’t strong enough to hold it up on their own yet, therefore it’s important to always ensure the head and neck are well supported.

To pick up your baby from lying down, place one hand behind their head and neck, and the other hand under their bottom. Provided their neck and head are supported and their face is turned out so they can breathe easily, you can hold them in a position that feels most comfortable for you. You might like to try cradling them in your arms, holding them up over your shoulder, laying them down in your lap, or laying them belly-down along your forearm.

You’ll soon learn which position your baby prefers to be in too – if they fuss or cry, try changing it to find a hold that is best for both of you.